Client: Samsung
Agency: Barbarian
Role: Design Lead, Art Direction, Visual Design
Year: 2022

Campaign Goal

Our objective was to develop a cohesive and scalable visual identity for Samsung's 2022 Holiday Campaign. The aim was to infuse the festive spirit into the campaign while positioning Samsung's products as the quintessential holiday gifts.

Design Process

  • Exploration:

In the initial phase, we presented four creative avenues for the campaign’s key visual:

  1. All of The Lights: Utilizing neon light effects to create a sense of excitement and anticipation for the holiday sales.
  2. A Pop of Holiday: Building upon Samsung's creative platform of using vibrant, colorful 3D elements to convey key messages. Abstract 3D objects add visual interest and draw attention to the products.
  3. Bundle of Bliss: Used intuitive holiday motifs like gift boxes, directly linking Samsung products with the gifting season. This concept visualized products on top of gift boxes, integrating gift box imagery on the screen displays.
  4. Lights, Flare, Action: Applied sparkles and spotlight effects to spotlight Samsung's offerings, metaphorically placing them center stage as the holiday season's stars.

  • Refinement:

Following client feedback, we selected the "Bundle of Bliss" direction for its direct conveyance of the holiday gifting theme. We enhanced the concept by shifting from a top-view to a straight-on view of an open gift box, placing the products inside. To amplify the festive feel, we introduced additional holiday ornaments into the background.

Design System

Our design system was crafted for flexibility and scalability, focusing on the detailed graphics, patterns, and icons related to the gift boxes. By adjusting colors and iconography, we established unique design codes for various holiday themes. For instance, Cyber Monday visuals were marked by blue tones and price tag icons, emphasizing sales, while the primary Holiday visuals featured crystal balls and gift boxes to celebrate the festive season.

Animated Key Visuals


The design system’s adaptability facilitated straightforward localization for holidays in diverse markets. For India's Republic Day, we used magenta, a color associated with unity and spiritual harmony in India, and incorporated landmarks like the Taj Mahal. For China’s Singles' Day, visuals focused on e-commerce cues, such as sales tags and credit cards, to resonate with the shopping-centric holiday.


The visual identity was implemented across and social media channels for a consistent brand experience.

Expansion into Global Films

The "open box" design concept extended beyond graphic elements, evolving into a central visual metaphor for Samsung’s global commercial campaign. This resulted in the creation of five global films, each beginning with the captivating perspective inside a gift box. As the box opens, the films reveal the delighted expressions of recipients receiving Samsung devices, perfectly capturing the joy of the holiday season.