Client: Samsung
Agency: Barbarian
Role: Creative Direction, Design Lead, UX/UI Design
Year: 2024


As the Design Lead at Barbarian, I spearheaded a team of designers in developing the product detail pages for the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Galaxy Book4 Pro, and Galaxy Book4 Pro 360. Our mandate was to create distinct, engaging pages that highlighted the unique features and capabilities of each model, catering to their specific target audiences.

Design Concept North Star — “Feel the Premium Evolution”

Design Strategy

Our strategy began with a detailed persona development, identifying key user groups based on each product's functionalities and features. These personas informed our design decisions for each product page:

Design System

Despite targeting three distinct personas, we developed a unified design system to ensure a cohesive and premium experience across all product pages. This system, rooted in our North Star concept—'Feel the Premium Evolution'—served as a backbone that allowed us to consistently highlight the unique features and benefits of each Galaxy Book4 model while maintaining overall sophistication and elegance.

    1. Vibrant Color Palette: We carefully curated a vibrant color palette that exudes a sense of premium quality and innovation. These colors, used as the primary screen fill, enhance the visual appeal and dynamism of the user interface, creating an engaging and memorable experience.

    1. Touch Function: To highlight the innovative touch capabilities of the Galaxy Book4 series and emphasize the seamless, intuitive user experience that defines the premium evolution of these devices, we implemented a consistent visual code across all pages featuring a hand interacting with the screen. This unified touch interaction not only showcases the cutting-edge technology but also adds a humanistic touch to the page, creating a more relatable and engaging experience for users.

    1. Tailored Product Differentiation: While maintaining a cohesive design language, we strategically tailored UI elements and messaging to highlight each product's unique selling points and cater to the specific needs and preferences of our target personas. By striking a balance between consistency and customization, we create a premium experience that feels both familiar and purpose-built for each user group.

UI/UX Optimization

    1. Immersive Visuals and Strategic Call-Outs: We employed captivating, full-bleed images to create an immersive experience that immediately draws the viewer's attention. By strategically placing statistic call-outs alongside these visuals, we effectively highlight key competitive advantages (CXPs) of each product. This approach not only engages users but also directs their focus to the most compelling features.

    1. Dynamic Video Integration for Intuitive Feature Showcasing: This strategic approach brings product features to life, making them more relatable and tangible for users. Engaging video content enhances the user experience, making it more interesting and easily digestible.

    1. Contextualizing Devices within the Ecosystem: To showcase the seamless integration of each Galaxy Book4 device within the broader Samsung ecosystem without overwhelming users, we strategically focused on presenting no more than two devices at a time in our visuals. Each scenario is accompanied by clear, concise copy that describes typical daily use cases, enabling the audience to easily understand and visualize how the device pairing can enhance their lives.


The Samsung Galaxy Book4 series product detail pages received positive feedback for their clarity, user engagement, and ability to showcase the distinct features of each device. The decision to focus on the UI and software in the product screens effectively highlighted the high performance of the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, the creative capabilities of the Galaxy Book4 Pro 360, and the portability of the Galaxy Book4 Pro, catering to the unique needs and preferences of their respective target personas. The project's success reinforced the importance of aligning design decisions with product features and audience expectations, contributing to a stronger market position for the Galaxy Book4 series.